Why is the diesel engine fire pump very hot after starting for a while?


 As people's awareness of fire protection continues to increase, enterprises, units, and individuals pay more and more attention to fire protection systems, and diesel engine fire pumps are also favored by more and more people. With the development of the fire fighting equipment industry, the various automation performances of diesel engine fire pumps are becoming more and more perfect. The diesel engine fire pumps developed so far have various automation, intelligence, remote control, automatic alarm and other functions.

Diesel engine fire pumps are widely used at home and abroad, which has a lot to do with diesel engine fire pumps having their own independent power storage system. We all know that when a fire breaks out, the circuit is very easy to be forced to short circuit or open circuit. At this time, if it is an electric diesel engine equipment, it will not be able to start, which will affect the normal operation of the fire pump equipment, which may cause huge losses.
diesel engine fire pump
In contrast, the diesel engine pump set has greater advantages and is independent of the power supply system. There may be various problems in the operation of the equipment, among which excessive temperature is one of the common phenomena. The professional technicians of Shanghai Xizhiquan summed up the following several possibilities that lead to the overheating of the diesel engine fire pump.

1. Overwork;
2. The oil radiator is blocked, resulting in poor heat dissipation;
3. The oil temperature adjustment switch is not properly operated, and the oil is not well dissipated;
4. The cylinder leaks, and high-temperature gas enters the oil pan, causing the temperature of the oil in the oil pan to rise;
5. The cooling fan of the air-cooled machine has not played an effective role. It may be that the speed is too low, which leads to an increase in the body temperature of the diesel engine.

In order to better ensure the reliable operation of the fire protection system, it is inseparable from perfect daily management. Although with the development of science and technology, the current diesel engine fire pumps have various intelligent features, BETTER's perfect management is essential, and regular inspections are very important.
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