What are the characteristics and usage methods of horizontal and vertical fire pumps


From the perspective of occupied space, the occupied space of vertical fire pump is smaller than that of horizontal fire pump. Generally, vertical fire pump does not need to lay foundation, while horizontal fire pump set has a base and needs to lay foundation. From the perspective of maintenance, the upper part of the vertical fire pump needs to be removed to repair the impeller, which is difficult to repair; the horizontal fire pump is relatively simple, as long as the inlet pipe is removed, the impeller can be repaired.

In terms of connection form, the vertical fire pumps are superimposed and connected from bottom to top, and the horizontal fire pumps are arranged longitudinally on the base. The motor of the vertical fire pump is connected to the pump body, and the horizontal fire pump is connected to the motor by a coupling. The horizontal fire pump needs to be aligned regularly.
horizontal fire pump
vertical fire pump

How to use it can prolong the service life of the fire pump. Let me introduce some skills about the use of fire pumps and the characteristics of explosion-proof self-priming pumps: 1. Before starting the fire pump, carefully check the water storage in the fire pump. Insufficient water storage will not only affect the self-priming ability of the fire pump, but also easily burn the shaft seal parts. 2. The place where the fire pump is used should pay attention to choosing a well-ventilated place. When the fire pump is working, heat will be generated. Ventilation will help to dissipate heat in time, so as to effectively control the temperature of the fire pump motor. 3. Before starting the fire pump, check whether the fire pump can start normally and whether it is stuck; whether the position of the impeller is normal; whether the cable and cable plug are cracked, scratched or broken. 4. In case of failure of the fire pump, do not blindly disassemble it by yourself, which will easily cause damage to parts and cause secondary failure. It is best to ask a professional to repair it, or seek help from the manufacturer. 5. When the fire pump is not in use, lift the fire pump away from the water source, drain the accumulated water in the pump, and store the pump in a dry place.
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