Change the speed of the vacuum pump approach


First, change the frequency of power, that is, using the inverter. The advantage of using the frequency converter is to provide a closed-loop control of the vacuum pump, but in large loads easily lead to the loss of torque.

Second, change the transmission gear ratio. Changing the gear ratio of a vacuum pump gearbox is a very economical method, but it can only provide uncontrollable single speed. Dry vacuum pumps have different designs, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. All along, the use of vacuum pump cost is an important factor affecting people to choose the vacuum pump. Accidental errors in the vacuum pump can cause a reduction in the efficiency of the machine, affecting the production and delivery of the wafer, and even the scrap of the processed wafer and other parts of the machine.

As the screw vacuum pump designed for single-stage design, with multi-stage vacuum pumps such as circular lobes, claws and modular, compared to the use of parts in the number of reduced by 60 percent. Which makes it in the stability and future maintenance costs have a great advantage. Green suggested that the user that the most important power consumption for them and the amount of nitrogen for him the least important, then the internal compression type screw vacuum pump can be a good choice.