What are the main uses of chemical pumps?


1, chemical pump for bottles, barrels, tanks, tank or other container to extract corrosive liquids.

2, chemical pump having a stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful shape, easy to use maintenance and so on. In order to improve product quality, reduce run, run, drip, leak, prevent pollution and improve the environment, play a significant role.

3, chemical pumps for chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other departments transmission temperature corrosive media or physical, chemical properties of the medium high variety of ℃.
single stage double suction fire pumpDiesel Engine Fire-fighting Pump
4, chemical pumps for pumping of water containing abrasive, ordinary pump materials harmful substances, suspended on stainless steel corrosive, non-explosive materials; chemical pump while widely used in water supply; for heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation systems;

5, industrial uses; for the fire; for irrigation; and for everyday use in civil, industrial, horticulture, irrigation purposes; for rainwater harvesting project; low noise levels must be used; for a supercharged, suitable for handling corrosive, explosive particles of water or liquid.

Through the above description, we can see that, in many areas of chemical pumps have a very important role, with the further development of China's chemical industry, chemical pumps in the pump market is certainly there will be more opportunities. How to maintain the advantage and the role of chemical pump it? Many experts believe that this is the need to continue the work, I believe chemical pump must be able to play a role in more areas in the future.