Testing of EDJ fire pump sets before shipment


Diesel engine fire pump is a kind of mechatronics equipment that is directly driven by diesel engine fire pump and can start and complete water supply in a short time. Diesel engine pump set is driven by diesel, no external power supply is required. Diesel engine pump is suitable for agricultural irrigation, emergency rescue, smelting, hangar, petrochemical oil depot, power plant, liquefied gas station, textile and other fire-fighting water supply occasions, especially in the absence of electricity, When the power grid is not satisfied, it is the safest choice to use a diesel engine to drive the water pump.
Features of ZJBetter EDJ fire pump set
1. The diesel engine pump set is easy to use. It can be equipped with remote-transmitting instruments and meters, which can be connected to the control center as needed, and the installation and operation are convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
2. The diesel engine pump set has a high degree of automation, with automatic and manual and fault self-checking functions, monitoring the working conditions in the whole process, recovering from faults and starting failures. .
3. The diesel engine pump set has the functions of remote control and remote control in the central control room, and can also have field bus connection.
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