Small trolley-type mobile pump truck is light and compact


 The small trolley-type mobile pump truck is not affected by various operating environments, and the drainage equipment that is not restricted by various operating conditions can play the function of an emergency rescue pump truck in a very emergency situation. This is because the mobile pump truck is a self-priming pump. Or the mixed flow water pump and the diesel engine are integrated on the mobile device, which has high mobility and can be driven and operated without an external power supply or an additional engine, and can continuously perform pumping and drainage operations for a long time around the clock.

The small trolley-type mobile pump truck is suitable for all-weather field and open-air operations. The overall performance is stable and reliable, and it can well meet the needs of outdoor operations and urban flood control, agricultural drought resistance, municipal engineering and emergency drainage. The integrated equipment is light and compact, simple and practical to operate, and can respond quickly, put into use, and eliminate dangers. In addition to the small size and flexibility of the pump truck, which can move freely and quickly to the job site, the fast and simple pipeline connection of the pump truck also buys time for emergency rescue and disaster relief.
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