The difference between Self-priming pump and centrifugal pump


In need of self-priming function of the working conditions, self-priming pump better than centrifugal pump. Self-priming centrifugal pumps are axial back to the liquid pump structure. The centrifugal pump consists of a suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a scroll chamber, a liquid return chamber, a gas-liquid separation chamber and the like. After the normal start of the centrifugal pump, the impeller sucks in the liquid in the suction chamber and the air in the suction pipe, The impeller to be completely mixed in the centrifugal force, the liquid entrainment of this gas to the outer edge of the scroll chamber flow in the outer edge of the impeller to form a certain thickness of the white foam and high-speed rotating liquid ring. The gas-liquid mixture enters the gas separation chamber through the diffusion pipe.
self-priming pump
At this time, since the flow rate is abruptly lowered, the lighter gas is separated from the mixed liquid, and the gas is continuously discharged up through the discharge port of the pump body. Degassing the liquid back to the liquid storage chamber, and then re-enter the impeller from the return hole, and the impeller from the suction pipe inhalation of the gas re-mixed in the role of high-speed rotating impeller, but also flow to the outer edge of the impeller. As the process continues round and round, the air in the suction line decreases until the suction air is exhausted. The self-priming pump completes the self-priming process and the centrifugal pump is put into normal operation. Because this centrifugal pump has this kind of unique exhaust ability, this self-priming pump can convey the liquid containing the gas, does not need to install the bottom valve, when has used on the cruise ship has the good sweep function.

In some centrifugal pump bearing body with a cooling chamber at the bottom. When the bearing heat caused by the bearing body temperature rise over 70 ℃, you can in the cooling room by wishful a coolant pipe joints, such as cooling fluid circulation cooling, such as IH chemical pump. Centrifugal pump to prevent the liquid from the high pressure area to the low pressure area of ​​the sealing mechanism is the front and rear seal ring, the former seal ring installed in the pump body, after the seal ring installed in the bearing body, when the pump running through the long-term wear ring seal to a certain extent, And affect the efficiency of the pump and self-priming performance, should be given replacement.
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