Pump flow is too large or too small impact on the chiller


Chiller may occur in a variety of different types of failure, why the water pump flow rate is too large or too small fault?

In fact, whether the water pump flow is too large or too small, will have a certain impact on the operation of the chiller, so the flow is too large or too small is not a good thing.

Pump flow is too small for many reasons, first of all, when the pump flow is too small, you should observe the water pump pump flow and head data to see if the pump is not matching. Part of the refrigeration industry's production of industrial ice machine, the quality may be unacceptable, not surprising.

Second, if the pump flow and head and other parameters and water pump specifications required to match the data, then check the pump should be used for too long, the pump is excessive wear or damage, and whether the pipeline is damaged or leaked. Of course, there may be a long time without use, parts rust, oxidation, and the pump may be blocked inside the foreign body.

Some people think that the pump motor reverse rotation will lead to traffic flow is too small and the engine is damaged, but in actual fact, the motor reversal at a particular speed, and will not cause damage to the pump, motor, and traffic is too small will not Is caused by the reverse, reverse the case, the pump is difficult to water.

Finally, the pump flow is too small, should also consider whether the chiller system settings.

Pump flow is too large, in addition to the chiller system may be set to run data problems, it should also consider whether the chiller pump head, flow and other parameters relatively large, more than the normal demand, this problem is believed to be chiller Manufacturers of the problem, that is, do not match the pump used in the chiller.

Pump flow is too small and too large is not a good thing, many users simply the pursuit of pump flow, that the large flow of water pump chiller will make the cooling effect is good, the cooling capacity, in fact not the case - the pump power assembly pressure to become larger chillers, May also cause a lot of other failures, and even reduce the working life of the chiller.