Better (China)Technology discussed diesel engine fire pump installation precautions


The new customer from Mexico responded that the reason to re-select the diesel fire pump manufacturer was because the former supplier was extremely careless about the equipment installation. We here remind you, diesel engine fire pump installation, do not let the factory installation by themselves, diesel fire pump installation precautions for everyone Notice:
1. When installed, the cooling fan should be left with the tank about 1m channel and space, which is conducive to better cooling, equipment maintenance and repair;
2. When the installation of the diesel exhaust pipe, wrapped with asbestos loading rain device;
3. The installation of effective height of 3 ~ 5m, but you can determine the height of the ceiling according to the height of the device;
4. When installed, to ensure that the engine room is well ventilated, the indoor temperature does not exceed 40 ℃.


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