How to solve the noise problem of diesel engine fire pump?


We all know that compared with ordinary fire pumps, diesel engine fire pumps are extremely large in size and the composition of each component is slightly complicated. Obviously, there are more problems that may arise. “There is vibration and noise”, which is one of the common symptoms of diesel engine fire pumps.

How to solve the noise problem of diesel engine fire pump?

1. Check the tachometer of the diesel engine fire pump to see if the rotate speed of the pump set exceeds the rated speed of the pump.
Corresponding measures: Adjust the speed control system to make the pump work at its rated speed.

2. Check the grounding bolts of the pump set to see if there is any looseness or the foundation of the pump set is defective.
Corresponding measures: Tighten the anchor bolts and reinforce the foundation.

3. Check the noise of the diesel engine fire pump to see if there is a gap in the suction pipe to cause dehydration, resulting in a large amount of gas inhalation. Check to see if there is a vortex at the suction inlet, and if the submerged depth is too shallow.
Corresponding measures: adjust the height between the suction port and the liquid level.

4. Inspect the diesel engine fire pump impeller for damage or foreign matter inhalation.
Corresponding measures: Replace damaged parts, adjust the centering and clearance of the coupling should not be too large.

5. Check if the pump appears cavitation. If the flow rate is too large, the suction resistance will increase or the liquid operating temperature will rise, and pump erosion will occur, which will cause the noise.
Corresponding measures: adjust the flow rate and liquid operating temperature.

Compared with ordinary fire pumps, the vibration noise of diesel engine fire pumps will become more obvious and more frequent.

For this reason, if you also purchase a diesel engine fire pump, or are preparing to buy a diesel engine fire pump, then please know more about the common faults of the diesel engine fire pump, so that there will be no trouble when there is a problem.
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