How to fire hydrant pump system?


1. Maintenance management personnel should be familiar with the principles, performance and operating procedures of the fire water supply system.

2. The fire water supply and fire hydrant system shall have the operation rules for management, inspection, and maintenance; and the system shall be in a quasi-working state. Maintenance management should be carried out as required in the following.

3. The maintenance and management of water sources should meet the following requirements:
(1) The pressure and water supply capacity of the municipal water supply network should be monitored every quarter;
(2) One-time inspection of the normal water level, dry water level, flood level, and dry water level flow or water storage capacity of surface water fire water sources such as natural rivers and lakes;
(3) Conduct an annual measurement of the normal water level, low water level, high water level and water output of groundwater fire water sources such as wells;
(4) The water level of the fire water source facilities such as the fire pool, the high fire pool and the high fire water tank shall be tested once a month; the angle valves at both ends of the fire water tank (box) glass water level gauge shall be closed when the water level is not observed;
(5) Indoor temperature and water temperature detection should be carried out every day in the fire water storage facilities. When freezing or indoor temperature is lower than 5 °C, measures should be taken to ensure no ice and room temperature not lower than 5 °C.

4. Maintenance management of water supply facilities such as fire pumps and steady pressure pumps shall comply with the following regulations:
(1) The fire pump should be manually started once a month, and the power supply should be checked;
(2) The fire pump should be automatically started once a week to simulate the automatic control of the fire pump, and the automatic inspection should be automatically recorded every month;
3) Check and record the operation of the pump and the pumping pressure of the Jockey pump every day;
(4) Check the power of the starting battery of the diesel engine fire pump, check the oil storage capacity of the oil storage tank every week, and manually start the diesel engine fire pump operation once a month;
(5) Conduct a test on the outflow and pressure of the fire pump every quarter;
(6) Check the pressure and effective volume of the pressure water tank once a month.
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