How do I know what size fire pump I need?


Determining the appropriate size of a fire pump involves considering several factors to ensure that it can provide sufficient water flow and pressure for the fire protection system it will serve. Here are the steps to help you determine the size of the fire pump you need:
1. Calculate Required Flow and Pressure:
Determine the type of fire protection system you have, such as fire sprinklers or standpipes.

Calculate the required water flow and pressure for the system. This is often based on fire code requirements and the specific hazards and occupancy of the building.
Consider System Demand:
Assess the simultaneous demand that the fire pump needs to meet. This includes factors like the number of sprinklers that might be operating simultaneously and any other water-based fire protection systems.

2. Factor in Elevation and Distance:
If the building is multi-story, consider the elevation of the highest floor that needs protection. Higher elevations require more pressure to overcome gravity.
Take into account the distance from the fire pump to the farthest point of demand. Longer distances can result in pressure loss due to friction in the piping.
Include Hose Streams and Standpipes:
If the system includes hose streams for firefighting or standpipes for fire department access, factor in the additional flow and pressure required for these components.

3. Select the Pump Capacity:
Choose a fire pump with a capacity that can meet the calculated flow and pressure requirements.
Fire pumps are typically rated in gallons per minute (GPM) for flow and pounds per square inch (PSI) for pressure.
Account for Safety Factors:
It's common to add a safety factor to the pump size to ensure that it can handle unexpected variations in demand, system degradation over time, and potential future expansions of the fire protection system.
Consult Codes and Standards:
Refer to local fire codes, standards (such as NFPA 20 for fire pumps), and regulations to ensure compliance with the requirements for fire pump sizing and installation.
Consult with us:
Our Fire protection engineers, hydraulic engineers, and experienced fire protection consultants can provide valuable guidance in determining the appropriate fire pump size for your specific building and needs.
And we provide guidelines and assistance in selecting the right pump size based on the information you provide them.
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