ZJBETTER PUMP to create high-rise commercial building new security


"A large high-rise commercial buildings fire facilities problems, resulting in limited control of fire time, can not be timely rescue" such cases in China, Japan, the United States, Russia, South America and other countries are quite frequent. So, what is the prerequisite for ensuring the safety of high-rise commercial buildings? ZJBETTER, in the Chinese domestic market specializing in fire product development has been 15 years, with a variety of models fire pump. XBD-DL vertical fire pump, XBD-DL vertical fire pump, XBD-DL multi-stage fire pump, XBD-HY vertical pressure cutting fire pump, XBD-S horizontal double suction fire pump, etc., and in the diesel pump Group R & D design has a leading technology, long-term go abroad in Mexico, South America, Maldives, Russia and other countries. To create high-rise commercial building new safe fire pump selection, please pay attention to ZJBETTER more information!

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