Fire pump install


Fire pumps are most commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to provide water pressure for sprinkler systems. They can also be used to supply water for firefighting, fire hose systems, and fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers. Fire pumps can also be used to supply water for other applications such as cooling systems, air conditioning systems, and industrial process systems. The fire pump should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes. The pump should be installed on a level surface, and the suction and discharge pipes should be properly sized. It is important to provide proper backflow protection and to ensure that the pump is adequately supplied with the necessary power source. The pump should be tested for proper operation before it is put into service.

1. The installation location of the fire pump should be as close as possible to the source of fire water, and an appropriate distance should be selected.

2. Before installation, check the condition of the fire pump. Generally, the fire pump will be packed in a wooden box from the manufacturer to the place of use. Open the wooden box before installation and check the appearance of the fire pump to see if there is any damage caused by bumping during transportation or falling parts.

3. For direct installation, the fire pump can be installed on the foundation with a height of 30 to 40 mm.

4. Pay attention to the installation of the fire pump and the base. There are two installation methods, one is the rigid connection directly installed on the cement foundation, and the other is the flexible connection installed with the JGD type shock absorber. Select an appropriate installation method according to the actual situation.

5. When selecting the installation pipeline position of the fire pump, the bends of the nearby pipelines should be minimized to ensure that there is no water or air leakage.

6. When installing the fire pump pipeline, the inlet and outlet management should have their own supporting force to reduce the weight of the fire pump flange from the pipeline.

7. A filter screen should be installed on the inlet pipe of the fire pump to prevent impurities from entering the impeller and causing the fire pump to malfunction.
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