Fire Pump Applications in Oil Company


Oil companies need fire pumps to protect against the risk of fire in their facilities. Fire pumps provide an effective means to contain and extinguish fires, and they can be critical to preventing catastrophic damage and loss of life. Fire pumps are also used to provide water pressure to fire sprinkler systems, allowing them to provide adequate fire protection to a facility.

LPG is a typical liquid hydrocarbon with a wide range of applications. Once a safety accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous. With the development of the petrochemical industry and the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more applications of LPG. The construction of spherical storage tanks commonly used to store LPG is also gradually accelerated. Since the operating medium of the LPG spherical tank is flammable, explosive, and highly toxic, once a leak occurs, it will cause great harm to the country and the people. Due to the high fire risk of liquefied hydrocarbon storage tanks, the fire-fighting facilities are mainly fire-fighting cooling water systems, supplemented by fire-fighting water cannons, dry powder fire extinguishers and other facilities for protection.
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ZJBetter organically combines the safety and applicability of the fire-fighting facilities applicable to the liquefied petroleum depot project through five aspects, so that the performance and parameters of the entire set of fire-fighting equipment meet the requirements, laying a safe foundation for the smooth implementation of the LPG project. These 5 areas include:
1. Diesel engine selection: The diesel pump set uses the Deutz 1800r/min 580kw fire-fighting special engine HC8V132-F6P2 produced by Hebei Huachai under the license of the German Deutz company. It has excellent emergency start performance and is authorized by Huachai OEM to modify the heat exchange The engine is water-cooled, and the working heat of the diesel engine is directly taken away by the fire-fighting water. The power of the diesel engine fully meets the requirements of GB6245-2006 working condition 1 rated point shaft power and working condition 2 1.5 times the flow shaft power matching diesel engine power requirements.
2. Selection of pump unit: 1800r/min single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump is selected for the diesel pump unit, with water inlet in the axial direction and water outlet in the side, which fully meets the design requirements.
3. Constant-lift check valve: The constant-lift check valve at the outlet of the diesel pump set can ensure that the centrifugal pump starts when it is closed. There are about 18m) on the pump lift.
4. Digital constant pressure control system: The digital constant pressure diesel engine water pump realizes that the diesel engine water pump can be set on demand within the rated operating range and maintains a constant water supply pressure, which effectively solves the problem that the traditional diesel engine water pump cannot set and maintain the system pressure in real time during operation. However, it brings various difficulties in application (directly set the outlet pressure on the panel), and adopts the direct digital control method to lock the pressure difference as needed, so as to lock the working head and maximum flow of the internal combustion engine water pump. The digital constant pressure technology can turn on all the diesel fire pumps (including the standby pump) at one time when receiving the fire signal, and can reach the required working conditions of the fire system design in the shortest time, greatly shortening the response time of the fire system, which is very beneficial to the fire protection of the reservoir area and wharf Safety, even if the fire system is falsely alarmed, it will not damage the fire equipment, pipes, valves, etc. due to overpressure. Digital constant pressure technology is also a patented technology of Sanye Technology.
5. Supporting inspection system: the inspection system, electric pressure relief valve, and constant lift check valve are used together to inspect the diesel fire pump group under rated working conditions without turning on the water of the fire protection system, and to monitor the diesel fire pump group online The operating and standby states improve the reliability of the water supply power part of the fire protection system.
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