2016 Winter Fire fighting exercise


December 2, Jingzhou County Zhai Ya Township in the rock feet Dong Village held in 2016 Winter Fire fighting exercise, township, village two more than 100 "quasi-firefighters" all involved.

"After the pump starts, first open the exhaust valve, close the outlet valve, and then increase the throttle suction.Water suction immediately after the success of reducing the throttle, and then close the exhaust valve, open the water valve, and finally increase the throttle to ensure that the water pressure. "Fire scene at the meeting, the township fire captain side of the skilled step by step to conduct live demonstrations, while in plain language to explain the operation of the motor pump essentials, and precautions. "It should be noted that the use of fire pumps, be sure to remember to open the bottom of the pump drain valve, drain the machine the remaining water to extend the pump life.
fire fighting
Fire pump operation to explain the completion of the actual combat fire drill began. Start the fire pump, connecting the water belt, water, water ... ... Obligatory fire brigade in accordance with the correct steps to carry out the actual combat fire drill, the team turns fire pump operation in combat, to ensure that every team members are skilled operation. Fire drill site a root of the sky into the sky, fire drill successfully completed.

"From the start, then the water pipe, water gun water, within 2 minutes we can do." Obligatory firefighters Shi Xianmin said, after on-site training and actual combat drills, he has master the operation of the fire pump, the fire brigade should be small fire completely no problem.

"At present, Zhai Xiang 5 village has 9 village-level compulsory fire brigade, each village has 5 mobile fire pump, each team has a team of 8 to 10. Village level volunteer fire brigade has been included in the year-end assessment, mobile fire Pump operation must be everyone. "Walled Township Party Secretary Wu Pengcheng said, village-level volunteer fire brigade mobility, often from the fire recently, to timely rescue. To further strengthen the village fire brigade building, the fire destroyed in the initial stage of fire, to ensure fire safety.