Fire engines can install low-pressure fire pump?


Fire engines can install low-pressure fire pump? Fire engines generally equipped with atmospheric pressure fire pump? Fire engines can be installed in the low-pressure fire pump, but we do not recommend the user to install. Because even if loaded up, it is not the effect of the use and professional fire engines

In the 5.5 tons of sprinkler basis, the installation of fire engines for fire equipment (fire pumps, fire cannons, sandwich power take, etc.) and the formation of multi-functional sprinkler, also known as Fire engines, in the emergency can be used as water Tank fire engines to use.

Fire engines in the range and flow is better than ordinary sprinkler. General 5.5 tons sprinkler range of 25-30 meters, the pump flow 40m3 / h; and the installation of the fire pump fire sprinkler, its range can reach 45-50 meters, the fire pump flow up to 100m3 / h .

Do not underestimate the Fire engines this ten meters distance range, in the fire when it is can be brought to great use. General Fire When the fire is fierce, people stand ten meters away, can feel the fiery flame power. This is not only the distance of ten meters more efficient fire, but also to ensure the safety of firefighters.