"To use the product must familiar with the product "


XBD-S-type fire pump is one of the new products developed by ZJ BETTER according to the needs of the market. With the most advanced hydraulic model, some Mexican customers have not yet been able to distinguish new and old fire pumps in view of the advanced nature of the products.
Hereby, ZJ BETTER XBD-S fire pump on the performance parameters to do an emphasis:

Inlet diameter: 150-300mm (6 "-12")
Flow: 30-200L / s
Head: 0.3-0.82Mpa
Speed: 29800r / min, 1450r / min
Equipped with power: 2.2-400kW
In addition, this XBD-S fire pump is also based on customer needs can be customized packing seal and mechanical seal in two forms. Before using the product,must familiar with the product.
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