Diesel fire pump selection


Diesel engine fire pump is a kind of fire pump using diesel engine that we use very widely now. It is very popular among the public because of its affordable price and easy operation. Then how to choose a suitable fire pump for customers? 

Method 1
Diesel engine fire pumps should choose high-efficiency, low-noise, energy-saving rotor pumps, and it is strictly forbidden to choose obsolete products.

Method 2
Diesel engine fire pumps should be selected according to the design flow rate and the required head, and considering the decrease in pump output due to wear and other reasons, the slurry pump can be selected according to the calculated head H multiplied by a coefficient of 1.05 to 1.10; the characteristic curve should be selected as The water pump whose head gradually decreases with the increase of the flow rate, such a pump works stably and is reliable when working in parallel; and the operating point of the water pump should be kept in the high-efficiency range, which saves energy and is not easy to damage the machine parts.

Method 3
When the diesel engine fire pump has no adjustment facilities in the water supply network, it is advisable to use the speed-regulating pump group or the rated speed pump group to run the water supply. The maximum water output of the pump set should not be less than the design water supply flow of the community, and should be checked according to the fire protection conditions.

Method 4
For diesel engine fire pumps, the number of lift pumps for water tanks and water towers should be reduced as much as possible, and it is advisable to use one as a backup; when a single pump can meet the requirements, it is not appropriate to use multiple parallel connections; if it is necessary to use multiple parallel operations or a combination of large and small pumps When operating in parallel mode, the type and number of rotor pumps should not be too many, generally no more than two types, and the head range of the rotor pumps should be similar; each pump should still operate within the high-efficiency range during parallel operation.

Method 5
The design water supply flow rate of diesel engine fire pump variable frequency speed regulation pump should meet the requirements of the maximum design second flow rate in the domestic water supply system. The working point of the pump should be selected in the high-efficiency working area of the pump characteristic curve, and should not be selected on the extension line of the Q-H curve. The most unfavorable working point of the design should be at the right end point of the high-efficiency section of the pump characteristic curve, that is, the maximum water output of the pump , and the point where the head is low but can meet the requirements, that is, the intersection point of the low point of the high-efficiency zone of the pump characteristic curve and the pipeline characteristic curve. The working range of the speed regulation of the pump should be within the high efficiency section of the pump; the speed regulation range should be set between 25% and 100% of the water supply of the pump; the equipment should have the function of automatic water level control.

Method 6
The multi-stage water pump unit of the diesel engine fire pump domestic pressurized water supply system should be equipped with a backup pump. The water supply capacity of the backup pump should be greater than the water supply capacity of the largest running water pump. The water pump should be automatically switched and operated alternately.

Method 7
The voltage of the motor matched to the rotor pump of the diesel engine fire pump should be the same, and the power supply system should be the same as the national grid power supply system.

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