Diesel Engine Fire Pump Room Cooling and Ventilation


Diesel Engine Fire Room Cooling and Ventilation

• Safety facilities Fire damper and fire detectors and other equipment
According to the degree of fire hazard of the diesel fire pump room, it is possible to determine the corresponding fire integrity level of the pumping station and the adjacent separation zone. When the ventilation duct passes through the bulkhead or deck, the duct shall meet the requirements of the safety rules for the integrity of the ducts through the ducts, and install the certified fire damper at the necessary location. Pump room daily ventilation system, in the mechanical air inlet and natural exhaust should be set fire damper, in the natural exhaust to install a gravity dam. Diesel fire pump working ventilation system inlet and outlet are set double pneumatic blinds, the inner layer is normally open fire shutters, after receiving the fire signal closed. The outer part is a normally closed pneumatic damper, which is opened when the pump start signal is received. In the double-sided pneumatic shutters on the outside need to set a fixed rain shutters, with anti-bird network. At the same time, combustible gas detectors should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the ventilation and combustion air at the entrance to ensure that can detect combustible gases and steam, and to ensure that its work from the environment.
• Installation precautions
In order to ensure that the ventilation system of the pump house can run well, it is necessary to pay attention to the following when designing or installing: When arranging the intake and exhaust shutters, it is necessary to meet the main wind direction of the platform, which will help the air flow smoothly to ensure good ventilation. At the same time, should also pay attention to the end of the exhaust pipe diesel engine to stay away from the pump inlet and outlet, to avoid the smoke and air mixed. As the air volume, low wind speed, blinds generally larger size, should be considered effective in the installation support. If the double louvers are installed indoors, ensure that there is sufficient access to the surroundings of the unit to avoid obstruction of the blinds or to extend the passageway as the louvers extend into the room. Such as installed in the outdoors, should also consider the escape channel not to be blocked by the blinds. Blinds around the pneumatic actuator should be left enough maintenance space, while avoiding the wall insulation structure covered. This should be taken into account when designing or installing.
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