Diesel engine fire pump-how to save fuel


Diesel engine fire pumps should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, regularly check and adjust the diesel engine water pump valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, etc., and eliminate scale and dirt on the cooling water jacket in time. Vulnerable valves, fuel injectors and other components are repaired and replaced in a timely manner. Important parts are always in good condition, with high operating efficiency and the most fuel-efficient.

How can diesel engine fire pumps be more energy-efficient? Here are several methods for your reference:

1. Optimize the pipeline structure of the pump body: reduce elbows, shorten the pipeline, and the pipeline with the same diameter is 1 meter shorter, which can save about 0.5 catties of diesel oil in ten hours; expand the diameter of the outlet pipe, if the 4-meter-long 10cm outlet pipe is replaced by 15 Centimeter tube, ten hours can save 1 catties of diesel.

2. Keep the diesel oil in the equipment clean: After the fuel tank has been used for a long time, there will be some impurities and sediments at the bottom of the tank, which will affect the normal work of the plunger and the fuel injector. It should be cleaned or purified regularly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause inaccurate fuel supply timing, uneven fuel supply, poor atomization of fuel, etc., resulting in increased fuel consumption and reduced power.

3. Remove carbon deposits in time: Diesel fuel will generate high temperature during combustion, making ash carbon polymers adhere to valves, valve seats, fuel injectors, piston tops, etc. If not cleaned in time, it will increase fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. Work.

4. Maintain an appropriate cooling water temperature: the cooling water temperature of the diesel pump engine should be kept at 45-65°C. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of diesel oil and increase the load of the machine itself. Note that it is best to use "soft water" without minerals (such as distilled water and rainwater) for cooling water, and sewage and muddy water should not be abused.

5. Don't overload the operation: The overload operation of the diesel engine water pump in the form of a small horse-drawn cart will turn a considerable part of the diesel into black smoke, which will not play its due role, increase fuel consumption, and shorten the service life of related parts.
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