High-tech submersible pumps have to be checked before use


High-tech submersible pumps have to be checked before use

As we all know, the submersible fire pump is one of the mandatory fire pumps for chemical companies. The submersible fire pump is a submersible type with no suction stroke. The water inlet is in the water. There are no suction devices such as the bottom valve. Generally speaking, there is no irrigation water, so the work is more reliable.

However, the traditional submersible fire pump is prone to rust, blockage, etc. due to the simple process and low-cost materials, and is inconvenient to maintain. In general, depreciation occurs in a short period of time.
XBD-WQ submersible fire pump, in the technology of traditional submersible fire pump, the introduction of high-end technology at home and abroad, according to the actual needs of the market for fire pumps and special use requirements, has been repeatedly developed. It is a new type of fire protection product according to the national GB6245-1998 "fire pump performance requirements and test method standards". The double-bladed impeller structure greatly improves the ability of dirt to pass. The mechanical seal adopts a new type of grinding pair, which can effectively reduce the friction coefficient and can be operated in the oil chamber for a long time. In addition, the redesign of the structure makes the equipment more compact, which is energy-saving and convenient for maintenance.