Common causes and corrective measures of fire pump


 Common Failure and Methods of fire pump

What is the reason for the inexplicable shutdown of fire pumps? Why does the fire pump suddenly stop? What are the unknown reasons behind the fire pump shutdown? Some customers who don't know much about the fire pump will be helpless when they encounter a sudden shutdown of the fire pump. However, in some enterprises and institutions, especially for manufacturing enterprises that frequently use fire pump water supply, it will affect the progress of the work. It affects life and health.

Better Technology Co., Ltd. After 15 years of research and service, the understanding of fire pumps has a certain right to speak in the industry, and there are certain studies on many details such as fire pump shutdown. Today, we will talk to you about why the fire pump will suddenly stop. What are the reasons?

1. The packing or seal in the fire pump packing box is worn out, causing air to leak into the pump casing.

Action: Check the packing or seal and replace as needed. Check that the lubrication is normal.

2. Insufficient suction head when pumping hot or volatile liquids.

Action: Increase the suction head and consult the manufacturer.

3. The bottom valve or inlet tube is not deeply immersed.

Action: It is recommended to consult the manufacturer for the correct immersion depth and use a baffle to eliminate eddy currents.

4. The fire pump suction stroke is too high.

Action: Check the existing net head. If the inlet line is too small or too long, it will cause a large friction loss.

5. The impeller or pipeline is blocked.

Ways to improve: check for obstacles and clean up in time.

6. There is a leak in the air or inlet line.

Action: Check the inlet line for air pockets or air leaks.

7. The fire pump casing seal is damaged.

Action: Check the gasket and replace it as required.

Today, is your fire pump working properly? For more information on fire pump expertise, stay tuned to the official website of Better Technology!

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