What aspects must be paid attention to choosing the fire pump?


1. The material of fire pumps: the fire pumps sold on the market look similar in appearance, and some products are even made exactly the same, but although the two are exactly the same, they are different in quality. One point can be seen in the later use. A good fire pump has the characteristics of good starting characteristics, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, and high degree of automation.
2. The power supply system of the fire pump: Compared with the general electric water pump, the diesel fire pump has its own independent power supply system-battery, and the power supply system is composed of the power supply system and the transmission and distribution system. Electric energy is also supplied and delivered to the system of electrical equipment. The reliability of the power supply system seriously affects the stability of the diesel engine fire pump. Therefore, in the selection process, attention must be paid to monitoring the reliability of the fire pump power supply system.

3. The starting ability of the fire pump: a high-quality diesel engine fire pump starts quickly and produces water quickly. Even in use, it will not strike for no reason.
4. Check whether there is noise during operation: In addition to stable models and good materials, good diesel engine fire pumps have low noise during operation. For this reason, testing the noise index during the operation of the diesel engine fire pump is also one of the tasks that must be done before buying.
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