Why does the fire pump vibrate or make abnormal sounds?


Fire pump is an important part of fire protection. In daily use, we often encounter fire pumps vibrating or making abnormal noises. What is the problem?

1. The installation is not firm and the fasteners are loose

After the centrifugal fire pump is started, the impeller will rotate at high speed. The centrifugal fire pump is not installed firmly, or the fasteners are loosened due to long-term operation, which will cause vibration and noise during the operation of the pump, and even be damaged in a short time.

2. Wear between impeller and sealing ring

If the impeller and sealing ring cannot guarantee a good lubrication state, the wear between the two will increase the gap, and when the gap exceeds a certain value, the pump will cause vibration and noise. The degree of wear increases as the pump runs longer.

3. Improper installation of pump body and pump shaft

The effective energy obtained by the liquid passing through the fire pump is obtained from the impeller of the pump, and the energy obtained by the impeller is obtained from the pump shaft, and the energy obtained by the pump shaft is provided by the motor. When the pump is running, the pump shaft drives the impeller to rotate at high speed. If the pump body and the pump shaft are not installed correctly, the impeller will deviate from the friction with the pump casing, resulting in vibration, and in severe cases, the impeller and pump casing will be damaged.

4. Cavitation causes abnormal sound inside the pump

Excessive resistance of the suction pipeline, leakage of air due to poor sealing, excessive temperature of the liquid to be sucked, high flow rate, etc., will all cause cavitation, resulting in abnormal sound or severe vibration in the pump.

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