Features of vertical inline fire pump


The distinctive feature of constant pressure fire pump is that the flow-head curve is very flat (within the full flow range, the head change is very small, especially when the flow is small, there is no overpressure). , to solve the problem of large pressure fluctuations when the flow changes in the process of fire water supply. It is a structure with an elongated shaft of the motor, which improves the reliability of the pump unit, runs smoothly, and has low noise. The impeller adopts a semi-open impeller without a retaining ring, which eliminates the phenomenon of rust and bite. The impeller is made of copper, aluminum alloy or stainless steel; the shaft is made of stainless steel; the pump unit is equipped with a mechanical seal.

vertical inline fire pump


The vertical electric fire pump has the advantages of high efficiency, good cavitation performance, low vibration, low noise and stable operation. The high temperature of the liquid should be lower than 80 degrees Celsius, the pressure range of the XBD-T horizontal multi-stage fire pump set is 0.31-2.65Mpa, and the flow range is 5-45L/s

Scope of application

This electric vertical inline fire pump is suitable for water supply of fixed fire protection systems in industrial and civil buildings, especially for partition fire water supply systems in high-rise buildings. It can also be used in various occasions such as fire-fighting and living (production) shared water supply systems and construction, municipal, industrial and mining, boiler water supply and other occasions.
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