Daily cleaning for fire pumps


 Although the fire pump has been transporting water during use, it actually needs to be cleaned regularly. This is because a lot of firefighting water has high water hardness and high mineral content, and scale will be formed if used for a long time. If the scale is not cleaned in time, one will wear and erode the equipment itself to a certain extent, and the other will affect the The working efficiency of the fire pump causes problems such as the reduction of the water volume of the pump and the reduction of the lift. Therefore, we must clean the scale of the fire pump, so how should we clean it when we clean it, and what are the precautions?
 end suction fire pump
1. Flush with the help of the pump body drain valve of the fire pump. During the operation of the pump, the water pressure of the pump body is used to regularly flush the dirt and water slag in the pump, on the one hand, it can prevent the accumulation of dirt, and on the other hand, it can also prevent the water slag from turning into scale.
2. In addition to surface cleaning, parts also need to be cleaned. For example, the impeller, pay attention to the position of the seal and bearing of the impeller. All parts must be cleaned in place one by one, it is inconvenient to use directly by hand, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.
3. When cleaning the fire pump, be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of dust. Do not use the form of flapping, which will easily lead to loose parts of the fire pump. When cleaning the dust, you can use a semi-dry rag to clean the dust first, do not rinse it directly with water.
4. When cleaning the equipment, a suitable cleaning agent can be used to achieve the required cleaning quality, but it is necessary to pay attention to whether some precision parts or the surface of the workpiece have requirements for anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and take corresponding measures when cleaning.
5. In addition, when cleaning the pump body, pay attention to the safety of personnel. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved by yourself, you should seek professional help.
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