The characteristics and usage of self-priming diesel pumps


Diesel self-priming pumps are mainly divided into two types: one is based on the ZW self-priming sewage pump diesel self-priming pump set, and the other is based on a new type of strong self-priming pump and increased vacuum auxiliary device diesel pump set system. The difference between the two types of diesel self-priming pumps is that the ordinary type of diesel self-priming pump has a lower acquisition cost, a self-priming height of only 4-5 metres and a large flow of only 800 cubic metres, while the new diesel self-priming pump has the advantage of a large vacuum-assisted self-priming height. The stem can reach 8-9 meters, the export time is fast, the flow range is wide, and the large flow rate can reach 2600 cubic meters/hour.
Diesel self-priming pumps have two vacuum assisted devices for the user to choose the vacuum pump system when relying on the power of the diesel engine shaft. The pulley-driven vacuum pump works together with the diesel self-priming pump, and the whole system is always in the state of pumping vacuum. The self-priming pump has stable performance and the vacuum-assisted diesel engine is called a non-stop self-priming pump.
Another type of diesel engine self-priming pump is the vacuum-assisted system, which can be stopped automatically. When the vacuum pump is pumping water, the vacuum pump stops automatically by means of a clutch. Diesel engine self-priming pumps are relatively expensive. The two vacuum-assisted diesel engines are self-priming. The suction pumps have the same self-priming properties.
Diesel self-priming pumps can suck in and discharge liquids containing large solid particles and long fibrous impurities. Especially the impeller of the new diesel engine vacuum self-priming pump can be made into an open impeller structure, and the self-priming pump has a more remarkable ability to pass particles.
Diesel self-priming pumps can be widely used in municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation, etc. The diesel self-priming pump has a simple structure, good self-absorption performance, strong drainage force, high energy efficiency, easy to use and maintain, and an integral or movable design.
The diesel self-priming pump consists of diesel engine, water pump, coupling, cooling fan, cooling water tank, steel base (80-120L bottom tank included on request), battery and connection line, exhaust muffler, control panel, standard design is pump unit, bottom tank, control panel and battery pack.
Diesel self-priming pumps can be designed as a combined outdoor pump unit, bottom tank, control panel, battery pack and outdoor rainproof tank according to customer requirements.
The diesel self-priming pump is the principle of diesel engine as the power to provide the pump work. It is now widely used in many fields such as fire fighting, environmental protection, chemical industry, industrial emergency, agricultural irrigation and construction.
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