1500 cubic metre emergency trailer mounted mobile fire pump truck


Trailer-type flood control and drainage vehicle mobile emergency rescue pump truck has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, good mobility, safety and reliability, simple operation, large drainage head and strong sewage discharge capacity, and is widely used in assault flood control Waterlogging, drought relief, agricultural irrigation, aquaculture, temporary water transfer, industrial, municipal drainage and other needs.

Flood control emergency vehicles can quickly and flexibly arrive at the application site, transport urgently needed water to the destination in a short time, or pump and drain the accumulated water in urban roads or airports in a short time in an emergency, so as to achieve flood control and disaster relief to protect the people The purpose of the safety of people’s life and property.

The flood control emergency vehicle is a mechanical and electrical integration equipment, which can be directly driven by the power supply without connecting other motors and power distribution equipment. The intelligent electromechanical integration equipment is a high-tech product integrating microelectronics technology, digital technology, computer technology, information processing technology, industrial automation control technology, communication technology and mechanical technology.

The water pumps used in flood control emergency vehicles mainly include rotor pumps, self-priming pumps, submersible pumps, etc. Some manufacturers also use submersible mixed-flow pumps (for high-viscosity sewage discharge) and self-priming pumps and submersible pumps. Among them, the rotor pump is mainly used on the semi-trailer drainage vehicle. The self-priming pump is equipped with a vacuum pump in order to improve the self-priming energy. Straight arm truck mounted crane.

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