NL Mud Slurry Pump

Flow: 20~180m3/h

Head: 8~20m

Caliber: 50~150mm

Power: 1.5~22kW

Speed: 1450r/min

Medium Tempreture: <40°C

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  • Product Overview
  • Product Structure
  • Application
  • Technical Data
Product Introduction of NL Mud Slurry pump
1. In the rural areas is mainly used as feces, mud and water, feed slurry pumping and pouring, instead of shoulder, and for flood, drought resistance, mud manure production can also simple flow fire pump in countryside.
2. Used in municipal engineering, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, foundry, food and other industry suction thick liquid, dirty liquid, paste, flow sand and urban river flow sludge etc. can also be used in coal mines exclude fluid containing small mud gravel.
3. If with high pressure pump and water gun, the composition of hydraulic mechanized earthmoving machine, available in the formation of land, river and pond dredging, drilling and other small-scale water conservancy projects of excavation and transportation, and urban air defense engineering, underground engineering.
4. Fish used as a water pond, fish pond oxygen etc.


1. Application Scope
Used for submerged pump, widely used in mining paper printing and dyeing environmental ceramics petroleum chemical industry farm salt works wine food chemical fertilizer building sewage pool gold mud coal mine drainage. If with high pressure pump, water gun cooperate, up a hydraulic mechanized earth project unit, it can be used for land leveling, river and pond water conservancy projects such as small dredging digging the excavation and losing side, as well as the city's air defense works, the underground engineering.

2. Using Instruction
1. The use of the pump power must be three-phase four wire system, if there is no ground wire, must be installed to prevent leakage.
When working, shall be fitted with the nearest circuit fuse and switch motor line, to prevent debris stuck to burn out the motor impeller
2. The use of the pump can not be installed on any basis for the operation of the device, as long as the lean can be, when necessary, with a rope tied to prevent accidents .After starting, the motor rotation direction must be checked, and the motor rotation direction is not reversed.
3. When being sucked the transmission fluid containing more weeds, wire, wood, bricks and other debris, must in advance try to remove, And can be taken with a wire basket and other methods, to prevent the debris from the pump caused by the impeller to play bad, card and pipe blockage and other accidents.
4. The pump body should be given in the short-term water suction and other dirty things, in order to flush the internal pump and pipeline.
5. Work in the open air, the motor should be installed to cover, to prevent rainwater immersion such as motor.
6. At the bottom of the river, at the bottom of the pool suction should be hanging on a tripod, and put on the buoy or a ship moving operation. In earthwork operations, high-pressure water gun rushed broken clods diameter shall not be greater than the suction - third.
7. The pump speed is the maximum speed of the pump can not be arbitrarily raised; the use of the speed limit, but the effect is significantly reduced.
1. Performance curve

2. Specifications
Model Flow m³/h Head m Power kw Speed r/min Voltage V
NL50-8 20-30 8 1.5 1450 380
NL50-12 25-38 12 3 1450 380
NL76-9 50-70 9 3 1450 380
NL50-24 25-38 24 5.5 1450 380
NL65-16 50-70 16 5.5 1450 380
NL80-12 80 12 7.5 1450 380
NL100-10 100 10 7.5 1450 380
NL80-25 80-100 25 11 1450 380
NL100-16 100 16 15 1450 380
NL150-12 150 12 18.5 1450 380
NL150-16 180 16 22 1450 380

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