DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump

Flow: 0.5~8m3/h

Head: 30m

Caliber: 10~65mm

Power: 0.55~4kW

Speed: 1450r/min

Medium Temperature: 90

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  • Product Overview
  • Product Structure
  • Application
  • Technical Data
Product Introduction of DBY electric diaphragm pump
DBY electric diaphragm pump can widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, food, electroplating , ceramics, medical, electronics and other industries transport containing particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, rare, toxic, corrosive liquids (including chemicals, powder, food additives, rubber, paints, pharmaceuticals, slurry slag, waste, etc.) as well as other needs self-absorption of the occasion. For delivery of liquid pumped exhaust can, but also for a variety of solid-liquid separation equipment pre-delivery pressure device.
1. Application Scope
1. The hot water recovery and recycling.
2. The tanker, oil depot, oil loading and unloading.
3. The pump suction pickles, jams, mashed potatoes, chocolate.
4. The pump suction paint, resin, pigment binder.
5. Effects of various rubber, latex, filler paste, organic solvent.
6. The pumps for the oil tanker barge Warehouse Clearance absorb water and residual oil.
7. The hops and yeast slurry, syrup, precision.
8. The pump suction mine, tunnel, tunnel, sewers, and sewage sludge.
9. The variety of special medium pumping.

2. Using Instruction
1.Before installation should clean up the dirt in the air ducts, and to install an air filter to prevent dirt from entering the pump dispenser valve affect normal operation.
2.The unit should be securely fixed on the basis of the pump does not bear the weight of the pipe.
3.Open the valve outlet pump start preceded the main conduit.
4.The diaphragm is a positive displacement pump outlet pipe, do not try to adjust the valve installed.
5. For pneumatic pumps, compressed air should be changed to adjust the working conditions of the pump.
6. Pneumatic pump suction rod must be inserted into the oil below the surface, in order to avoid the adapter valve oil, nap, stuck, shortened life expectancy.
7. Pneumatic valve underwater installation work, the installation should be installed above the level of the first compressed air line interface.
8. Preceded shut down the pump inlet valve, the pump stops off until after the outlet valve.
9. Easy to crystallize, easy to freeze, containing large amounts of granular media, after use to transport water for some time, the discharge of the original media.
10. Replace the diaphragm shall link shaft, copper sleeve clean, do not damage the seals, and then reinstall it.
11. For the electric pump outlet should be installed bypass pipe and valve, by adjusting the bypass line valve opening to adjust the working conditions of the pump.
12. Bearings, piston shaft refueling.
13. The outlet pressure must not exceed 0.3Mpa.
14. Do not install the valve outlet.
15. In the suction easy freezing medium, after use, clean and rinse the pump discharge media, to avoid damage.
1. Performance curve

2. Specifications
Model Flow(m3/h) Head(mpa) Power(kw) Speed (rpm) Caliber (mm)
DBY-10 0.5 30 0.55 1450 10
DBY-15 0.75 30 0.55 1450 15
DBY-25 3.5 30 1.5 1450 25
DBY-40 4.5 30 1.5 1450 40
DBY-50 6.5 30 3 1450 50
DBY-65 8 30 3 1450 65
DBY-80 16 30 5.5 1450 80
DBY-100 20 30 5.5 1450 100

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