High Flow Booster Pump System

Flow: 9-2350 gpm

Head: 0.2-10 bar

Power: 0.37-9 kw

Material: SS 304

Starting model: Frequceny starting

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Booster Pump System High Flow


SQB Automatic Frequency Conversion Booster Pump Set is composed of newest high performance PID frequency conversion control cabinet, one pump or more than 2 pumps. It is the top technical water boosting equipment, which can automatically adjust to satisfy the requirement of constant pressure, variable water demand. 
The pressure of water supply net can be kept constant water pressure. The whole water supply system can run effectively energy saving and perfect status.

1. Economic: No needs to water tank or big pressure tank.
2. Efficiency: Energy saving 30%-90% compared to old water supply system.
3. Stable: It can run in the contions of power cut or insufficient water supply.
4. Clean: It use stainless stain of food grade with full seald mechanism.
5. Eco-friendly: Low noise, Energy saving, Safty.

1. Booster Pump    
2. Diaphragm tank  
3. Ball valve,Muffler check valve  
4. Pipes        
5. Stain base      
6. Control panel

1. Used for water plant and booster pump station
2. Used for water supply of residential area, hotel, restaurant and big public building
3. Used for all kinds of factory
4. Used for fire fighting of residential area, hotel, restaurant and big public building
5. Used for factory constant pressure ,cooling water and circulation water
6. Used for hot water supply, air condition and so on
7. Used for sewage pump station,sewage handle and so on
8. Used for agricultural irrigation,greenland irrigation, landscape and fountain

Parameter of System Reference for Users
Flow Head Power Height Households
2-535 m3/h 2-100 m 0.37-9 kw 4-90 m 17-535
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