Small Flow Diesel Fire Pump

Flow: 50.0-300.0 gpm / 3.2-19 l/s

Head: 3-15 bar / 43.5-217.5 psi

Power: 4-55 kw / 5.5-75 hp

Caliber: 65-100 mm

Material: Cast iron

Warranty: 5 Years

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  • Product Overview
  • Product structure
  • Application
  • Technical Data
Diesel Fire Pump Small Flow with centrifugal single stage end suction water pump head, diesel engine (as ususal we use China famouos brand or cummins,cat,isuze etc),
cast iron base is widely used in firefighting such as dock, building, oil stock, industrial factory and agricultural farm irrigation.
It should comply with the GB6245-2006 and NFPA20 standard and other rules in related country.

1. Application Scope
1-- Applicable for the XBC series Diesel Fire Pump control made in this Co., and also for the diesel engine fire-fighting pump and diesel generator controls of users.
2-- It is applicable for water supply for fire service and emergency water supply.
3-- Suitable for the fire-fighting water supply and emergency water supply in storehouse, yard, airport, petroleum and chemical industry, power plant liquefied gas, textile, ship, and oil ship etc. occasions.

2. Using Instruction
1. The height of the machine room should be depended on the equipment’s height and the lifting apparatus, 3-5m ad the effective height in general.
2. To ensure a good ventilation inside of the machine room, the temperature there should not be over 40°C and enough venting temperature holes must be set.
3. When to mount both inlet and outlet pipes of the fire-fighting pump, do not let their weight loading on the pump so as to prevent it against damage and its performance of running from being affected.
4. It is not allowed to mount the control cabinet in the front of the diesel engine’s radiator, otherwise the electric components inside of the cabinet would be affected and not work normally.



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