Diesel Engine Use for Pump

Power: 25-250hp

Cylinder: 4-6

Speed: 1500,1800, 2200, 3000, 3600rpm

Brand: Cummins, Isuzu, Quanchai, Shangchai

Intake Method: pressure boost, naturally aspirated, turbo boost

Speed Control: Mechanical, Electronic

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  • Technical Paramters
 1 Diesel Engine:
1.1 power less than 20kW using one or two cylinder diesel engine;
1.2 Power 20kW ~ 30kW using QC380, Q385;
1.3 Power 30kW ~ 56kW four-cylinder diesel engine 480, 485, 495, 4100,4102,4108 etc;
1.4 Power 70kW ~ 300kW six-cylinder diesel engine 4135, 6105,6113,6135 etc;
1.5 Power 300kW ~ 2000kW8,12,16-cylinder diesel engine 12V135AZD, KT38, etc;
2 Diesel Engine selection
2.1 The selection of diesel power rating should be greater than 10% of the maximum pump shaft power, under 
abnormal conditions of engine power will be less than the rated power. For proper operation, it should be used 
in high power diesel engine and pump support. 
NOTE: Diesel engine 12 hours power in the state when the following criteria measured:
Atmospheric pressure is 100KPa;
Ambient temperature 25 ℃
Air relative humidity 30%
Working to improve the ambient temperature every 5 %, its power decreased by 1% (to 25 % as the base);
Work to raise the altitude of 100m, its power is reduced by 3%;
       Actual output power of diesel engine=(CA+CT-1)×12 hour power
                                                 CA----Altitude Correction Coefficient
                                                 CT----Ambient Temperature Correction Coefficient
Diesel engine for large flow, high pressure pump should consider the impeller rotor parts with the water moment of inertia calculation.
1. spectrum range: fire pump can use a single-stage end suction pump, a combination of multistage single-suction 
pumps, single-stage double-suction pumps and other kinds of pumps, pump or more kinds of parallel flow, wide 
pressure range;
2. automatically: When the engine fire pump receives a valid signal fire, remote control start signal when the unit 
will start automatically; when the fire pump motor supply failure or lack of signal phase, the unit will automatically 
standby. Diesel fire pump start 10s, if not start running, stop 10s, and then restart. The unit will automatically 
repeat three times.
3. Alarm System: repeatedly failed to start alarm, low diesel engine oil pressure alarm, ultra-high temperature alarm 
diesel engine, diesel engine speed alarm, low battery alarm, charging failure alarm, an alarm indicating a lack of fuel.
4. kinds of ways to start: signal fire started, manually start or remote start.
5. direct-attached: Automobile universal joints, high transmission efficiency, large torque diesel engine vibration isolation.
6. automatic charging: use electricity charge, usually in the automatic standby position, if the battery voltage is low, 
the unit automatically charging; When the battery voltage is adequate, can automatically stop charging to avoid 
damage to the battery.

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