How to refuel the pump properly?


Water pumps need regular inspection and maintenance. One of the items that needs maintenance is refueling the water pump. How to refuel the pump properly?

1. Regularly check the oil level and oil quality of the lubricating oil. Generally, the normal oil level should be within the range of 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the equipment oil level window or label. The oil refilling method is oil cup. The oil level displayed only represents the oil replenishment capacity, while the oil level of the bearing box of the water pump meets the operation requirements. Oil refilling in the oil cup when the oil level is less than 1/4 of its total volume can be considered.

2. Inspection and replenishment methods. Take a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample and compare it with fresh lubricating oil. A competent company may consider performing an oil quality test to ensure that the oil is qualified. If the sample looks cloud-like, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is often referred to as oil emulsification, and the lubricant should be replaced at this time. If the sample becomes darker or thicker, it may indicate that the lubricant has started to carbonize and the old lubricant should be completely replaced. If possible, flush the oil circuit with fresh lubricant. When changing the lubricating oil, make sure that the new and old models of the lubricating oil are the same, and replenish the oil level that meets the requirements.
3. Use an oil bath lubrication system. If the oil temperature is below 60℃ (140°F) and the lubricant is not contaminated, replace the lubricant once a year. If the oil temperature is 60-100℃ (140-210°F), the lubricant needs to be changed four times a year. If the oil temperature is between 100-120℃ (210-250°F), the lubricant needs to be changed once a month. If the oil temperature is above 120℃ (250°F), the oil needs to be changed once a week.

4. Correct installation and maintenance is an important factor for the normal operation of the bearing. At the same time, care must be taken to maintain the cleanliness of the pump bearing. The bearings must be protected from contamination by pollutants and moisture, and must be properly installed and lubricated. In addition, the design of the bearing arrangement, the condition of the oil seal, the form of the lubricant, the replacement cycle and the special maintenance also play an important role, and all must pay attention.